The Insight Consultants team consists of an array of highly talented and experienced individuals who are outstanding leaders in their respective fields. They are experts in media and presentation training, crisis planning and management, digital and social media training and execution. 

We have media and presentation trained some of the most prominent CEOs and community leaders in Ireland. We have successfully helped clients prepare for enormous handle enormous crisis challenges. In the digital and social management area, we have one of the largest teams of any company in Ireland. Our Head of Digital is also a highly respected former social media and digital marketing lecturer. 

If you would like to talk to us or receive further details of what we can do for you and your organisation/company, please get in touch. 

​Doing a media interview can be a daunting task. Most people are outside their comfort zone and find the process nerve-wracking.
Insight Consultants are experts in helping people prepare for media interviews in print or broadcast and effectively communicate their key messages.
We also prepare them to respond to tough questions and how to remain credible and convincing in an adverse setting.
Our clients are experts in their respective fields, but we can provide them with our expertise to ensure that they get the maximum benefit from dealing with the media.
If you are preparing for an important interview or media appearance, we will ensure that you are fully prepared and capable of doing an outstanding performance.

​A crisis is something that will happen  - it is just a matter of how and when. A crisis can be large or small but what’s fundamentally at stake is the reputation of the organisation affected.
Planning for a crisis is the most effective way of managing it properly as it will help to limit or eliminate the damage.
Having a crisis management plan, with a crisis management team in place, is essential.
The first 24 hours of a crisis can make or break a company’s reputation, so once a crisis has occurred, speed and efficiency in response are imperative. This is especially true with the influence of social media.
Insight Consultants’ senior executives have successfully handled many crisis situations for clients in the past including the shooting dead of a postman, attempted blackmail, malicious media campaigns, serious accidents and food hygiene problems.
We can help you prepare for a crisis, design a crisis plan, make sure that it is tried and practised and be on hand on a 24/7 basis should a crisis occur.
If you feel that you are not fully prepared for a crisis, get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help.

​Do you manage your online presence in-house but want to better understand your capabilities and how to engage better with your organisation or product’s target demographics?
Insight offers a suite of tailor-made workshops, either on a one-to-one basis or company wide. 
Our workshops include but are not limited to; In-House Social Media Training, LinkedIn as a Sales Tool, Twitter for Business, Social media Advertising, Content Creation for Social Sharing, You Tube - How Video Can Work for You, Facebook for Business, Analytics, measuring Social Success, Instagram for Business and Online Crisis Management.
It is our objective upon completion of any of our workshops that you will be able to hit the ground running and see an instant return on your investment.
Our courses and workshops are written specifically for your brand and incorporate any new features the relevant online platforms offer. This ensures that you are always one step ahead of your competitors. 

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