ICO/STO Marketing

The development of the crypto asset ecosystem is based on the revolutionary idea of technological substitution of trust.

We possess a combination of understanding blockchain and online marketing.



Our founding team comes from the very early days of internet marketing, focusing on content marketing, SEO and affiliate marketing. Now, we apply that knowledge and expertise in Crypto world - We represent a group of professional crypto ICO consultants who have the technical knowledge.



Our team is extremely versatile, with individuals who are ex-journalists, editors, content strategists, PPC wizards and CMOs of leading startups.


We work on a performance model and focus only on driving results.


What made us successful, is the fact businesses don’t have a risk when they work with us. We don’t deliver – we don’t get paid!


We offer a complete blockchain marketing and ICO making solution for blockchain projects. We have worked with dozens of well-known projects and top cryptocoins, boosting their online visibility, reach and demand through publicity, strategic consulting and community engagement. Our leadership team boasts one of the world’s most impressive track records when it comes to marketing in general and blockchain specifically, and we have intimate familiarity with the industry, its top influencers and funds. We have all the ingredients and capabilities to support, market, advise and promote ICOs successfully

Designed for maximum performance, our service handles the marketing at every stage of the ICO - from pre-announcement, to pre-launch and launch.

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We can devise a strong marketing strategy that positions you to stand out from the noise in the saturated crypto world.

Aleksandra Joanna Jaworska, Head of ICO/STO Marketing Strategy 

With a Masters Degree in International Managerial Economics and Diploma in Business Management Marketing in Luxury goods and brands from Warsaw School of Economics, Poland, and currently completing her Phd in Economics at the University of Gdansk, Aleksandra Jaworska is one of the most sought after advisors in the emerging world of Blockchain and has quickly established herself as one of the most passionate females in the space with hundreds of people looking for her advice daily.



Aleksandra is a natural entrepreneur with an unparalleled knack for combining her business acumen and visual and branding skills. From a very young age she was already advising and creating products, designing concepts, building brands and developing the right distribution channels. She opened her very first business when she was merely nineteen years of age and since then has gone from strength to strength. 



It is this skill, passion and experience that attracted so many businesses to engage her as their go to advisor in areas such as private equity management, brand development, website design, business strategy and more across a vast array of industries on a global level, particularly Europe, Middle East and US, including finance, entertainment, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, fitness and beauty and commodity trading.


Always at the forefront of emerging trends in business, it was only natural that Aleksandra quickly turned her attention to Blockchain in 2016 when it entered the market, promptly identifying the challenges, but more so, the opportunities it brings with it, and quickly realised that with her knowledge, creativeness and inquisitive nature it was the perfect fit for her. 

Since then, Aleksandra has spent ample time researching and exploring every possibility Blockchain brings to the global business world and has harnessed this knowledge to become one of the most experienced practitioners in advising on ICO’s, STO’s and digital banking, particularly specialising in the marketing and user experience side of Blockchain, which earned her a position on the ICO Bench listings as well as building a substantial network in the vast world of Blockchain and you’re most likely to find her discussing developments in her little spare time on her bustling LinkedIn page.

ICO Strategy & Advisory

We work on your strategy, using our experience gained through our previous projects to advise you on the most effective partners to have in place, or advise against actions are in our opinion ineffective 


We'll use Airdrops to build awareness in your ICO with the public as well as building up followers of your Telegram group and your Twitter profile.

You'll get an aggressive PR strategy focused on building a constant stream of media mentions in the crypto and mainstream media, with the aim of building excitement, credibility and FOMO around your ICO.

 Public relations

Telegram will be the main communication channel for your community, and it’s where we'll be posting announcements, updates and answering questions.

Telegram 24/7

Achieving a high rating for your ICO is a critical 'trust' factor for both retail buyers and wholesale investors. We'll help you get top ratings with the various agencies, and then promote it via the listing sites.

ICO Ratings + Listing

We will primarily focus on sharing announcements, press and updates on Twitter and Facebook to keep an active presence for retail buyers and wholesale investors.

Social Media


We recommend advertising across the top crypto sites in the industry to drive awareness of your ICO. The aim of the advertising campaigns is to get people to subscribe to your email list.

Email Marketing

We'll use automated sequences to get new subscribers to be part of the whitelist, and broadcast emails for sharing press, announcements, updates, and for the token sale.

We'll share announcements and updates on Reddit and Bitcointalk. We'll also monitor forums 24/7 in the same way as we manage Telegram.


Your blog is the back-bone of your brand and one of the main channels for you to communicate with your audience and potential clients. We take care of everything from A to Z- strategy, ideation, SEO optimization and creative thinking-in order to create top-notch content.

Blog Management

We  maintain strong relationships with a large and growing network of crypto influencers with massive audiences on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond.


We'll manage the UX component of the site (copywriting, design, HTML, CSS) to ensure it's effective at 'selling' the ICO and capturing visitors’ emails.

UX Design

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

Organic ranking on Google generates better leads- in simple words, instead of finding your potential clients, we can make it a lot easier for them to find you through different organic keywords

We provide the full expertise on all mediums where cryptocurrencies have existence.

360 Expertise

Medium will be the central platform for publishing press releases, announcements and thought leadership pieces. Content published on Medium will be shared on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, on Forums, and via email.


Reddit Promotions

Reddit is the stronghold of the global crypto community.
We have a large network of power users and content insight solutions that we can utilize to build buzz for projects, jump start engagement and drive traction.

steam is a crucial channel in your marketing campaign. We are able to arrange viral contests and discussion posts and work with power users to engage the crypto community.

360 Steem Promotions

We have close ties with several of the top crypto exchange platforms and can assist with rolling out token listings.

Crypto Exchange Lisiting

Link Building

Send rank boosting signals to the search engines by obtaining natural backlinks with optimized anchors from high-authority domains.

Develop your executive team's personal brands, aligning their knowhow with your product's value proposition by appearing as quoted experts and columnists in top publications.

Thought Leadership

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